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It's natural to feel burnt out when you're so used to doing it all, but when you're a natural-born boss, it's also natural to be used to handling business alone.  If you feel like you're juggling 1 million tasks per day, that's just one sign that you may need a virtual assistant!  Just in case that last sign wasn't a telltale one for you, here are 5 more signs that you may need to work with a virtual assistant:

1. You’re missing out on high level opportunities to grow your business due to extensive time completing tedious administrative tasks.

2. You’re starting to feel an increase in stress due to the burden of paperwork piling up at your desk or invoices waiting to be sent.

3. You work weekends and nights just to finish a project - or a few. 

4. You don’t have the space to house another employee.

5. You don’t have the time to onboard a new employee.

If you nodded your head "yes" to any of those, you can relax now because I can take it from here.


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