Meet Inmaly

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I’m inmaly and i help busy business owners tackle their to-do lists and build empires.


Most of my adolescent years were spent in my home state, Minnesota, but I’m an Alaskan girl at heart so I’m always up for a hike with a great view.  I’m a music junkie who loves going to concerts and sharing music.  I’d love to say that I’m a cook, but I’d rather opt for saying that I’m great at following recipe directions. 

 Living in this beautiful state has led me through many journeys, but the journey through motherhood trumps all.  My 4-year old son, Landon-Jace, can sing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song like no other, and my 1-year old daughter, Khamari, can’t help but to groove when she hears a good beat – just like her mother.

Before entering the world of virtual assistance, I was a full-time mother, full-time executive assistant, part-time administrative assistant, and a part-time college student.

You can imagine that life was hectic – you’re right about that.  Thankfully, my time management capabilities successfully led me through this era in my life.   However, while I was slaying my work days as an assistant to two different supervisors, I constantly felt that “mother’s guilt” because the time with my children always seemed so slim.

 Being a Virtual Assistant encompasses a simple saying in life that I now live by: “Work smarter, not harder.”  For so long, I was the epitome of “working hard, not smart”, which is why it’s my passion to support business professionals everywhere to work smarter so their businesses can grow and thrive!

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Curious about how we can work together?


My background and why it makes me the ultimate virtual assistant.

As someone who was simultaneously a business owner, full-time mom, full-time Executive Assistant, and part-time college student, I know what it's like to feel like you just don't have the capacity to do more even if it's something you're passionate about.  The reality is that there is more money to be made, but everyday doesn't provide us with the time we need to make it.

Before taking on the virtual assistance world full-time, I spent a combined total of 11 years providing customer service, administrative support, and executive assistance in a small business, for-profit agency, and a non-profit agency. My experience in a variety of industries has allowed me to personalize the way I serve each client in each industry with an understanding that the needs of each business are unique.

While holding these positions, I've:

  • Managed projects that required coordination between over 50 employees

  • Created efficient filing processes

  • Provided logistical support for multi-day staff workshops, board of directors retreats and meetings, and everything in between

  • Managed schedules for multiple executives

As of May 2019. I hold a Certified Administrative Professionals certification - an NCCA-accredited certification. To hold this title, you must be qualified to sit for the exam that tests you on various subjects including organizational communication, business document production, technology & information distribution, and event & project management.

It’s okay to ask...why us?